Thursday, September 21, 2006

Malnutrition Is Causing It

May it be cough or Cold. May it be HIV-AIDS or a tumor in brain. It is said that everything related to bad health can be prevented by good food since childhood. It is becoming a major concern about what I eat everyday. More than what I is what I am getting through it is bothering me a lot.

I am hearing a lot of people saying that my grand father is stronger than me even in his 70s and considering the nutritional content in the food he had taken since childhood, I think it is true. The stonage forming using no chemical fertilizers ensured the good things from vegetables, wheat, rice etc. So providing all the things needed for the body just from the food itself. We no more have the facilities of growing crops without using chemicals. Except in few companies like nutrilite the organic forming efforts were almost burried under the soil and covered with the toxic chemicals which grow the crops artificially, killing all the nutrition that the crop is expected to bring to us. Though I heard and felt the good abuot nutrilite products, I felt like they cost me much. Ofcourse it is understandable that the good things does not come for less and thanks to them...they atleast maintain the organic forming.

I strongly feel, I got this cold a week back and still not able to get out of it because of the low resistance I got in my body and this is because of the malnutritioned food I take every day. I tried to get info about cold but I could not get good sources all at one place. So I started a blog ColdBuster.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Finished 1 Year In 1 Company

My professional career as a software engineer started arround 3 years back but it is the first time I stick myself to a company for as long as 1 full year. You must be thinking, "what the big deal in that?". Well listen to my previous record and you will know it. My previous best long stay is 7 months and this is my 4th company.

There are good things and bad things too that one can experience in this sort of hoping. Good thing is you get a pay hike fast. Bad thing is you can not hop like this for long time as the question "why are you frequently changing your employer?" will fall as the first question and will become the first reason for you not getting selected too. And some one told me that one can not jump like that as one will not be considered for higher designations in the long run.

Forget about long run...I say...if you have decided to run dont bother about the long and shorts. You just focus on winning the run. Then you may think that why I stayed in the present company for a long time. Well, there are many resons and the main is that I like the people arround. They look gentle and good. Is it the only reason? No. Another reason being that I am already getting what I aimed to get by this time and my all previous shifts were driven by the fact that I was getting very lesser than the goals which I set to myself. Having said that it is time to look back and decide on my decision of staying here as the appraisal time is arround and I should make myself ready in all the aspects.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Rejoice of Senses

To feel it you should feel it.

The cool breeze will pass you by more than once in your life time but you want to describe just that time's feeling when you really felt it. The fear is always there in you but you want to tell about the one which made you feel like you are dead but saved to be alive. Quite contrary feelings-sense of happyness and felling of death. When you get both at a time...which will take over which one?

Well I said to myself that I need to be alive rather than feeling the cool breeze because I felt that there may come a chance to feel the breeze again. But if I am dead, there is no chance. Though I believe in God and in heaven and hell, I felt like stay living on earth.

That is why I did not jump in the pond the last weekend when I saw beautiful fishes swimming out of the site from the bank to the middle. Yes, I felt like describing the feeling as you read it;)

Friday, September 15, 2006

I'm Getting the Taste of Life

Wasn't I living a life before to say that I'm Getting the Taste of Life? Of course Yes, I was. But it was like the quote "they are dead at 30 and buried at 60" by Frank Lloyd Wright. Well Let us put a full stop to the "WAS" part. Let us talk about "IS". Some one said this to me and from that moment onwards I started getting the real taste of life. Till that moment I was grieving on the results which couldn't be changed and that attitude towards challenges caused lot of hindrances in the path of life and I could never see of what lies after that turn. That turn in the road ahead itself was a huge mystery.

But once I plunged into the darkness by filling my mind with a vision for life, the road after the turn is so bright and beautiful I can't even explain it. That is what I mean by real Taste of Life. This feeling can not creep in words because it is not a material thing which I am experiencing in life. After experiencing it I feel like I won the battle before it really started, it is the battle of life and it is what a lot of us fear to even think of. Once I won it, the process is all fun.

You must be wondering on what I am really talking of. I am talking of the attitude that makes me think that what ever happens is for my good.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

More About Myself

I used to think that I know everything about myself till I learned to understand the inner meanings of the words spoken to me by others. Once I got this ability I changed my self a lot. Now I smile a lot, I listen to people a lot than arguing and I read a lot. I stopped criticizing people because I understood the fact that no one is born like the way he or she is but they became like that because of the environment they grew up. So there is no point in condemning and criticizing them for others' influence on them. This thing helped me a lot and I got this from the famous book "How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie.

My attitude towards life has changed to the best and I am sure it will not just stay at the best but will grow better and better for I have taken a decision of making friends but not enemies. Am I not facing troubles for taking this decision? Yes, a lot. It hearts a lot to smile back when some one criticizes you badly. Let me tell you this...if you reply back with a criticize then the chain will go on forever and congratulations you got another person who wishes for your failure and ill-being. But if you control your emotions and smile back and get clarified of what made him or her to bring out that comment on you, then you have a fair chance of making a friend who can stand beside you forever.
We make friends. They don't born for you.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Little About Myself

I am Born and Brought up till 13 in my native village Kotturu Thadepalli. Then for my sister's and my studies our family moved to the city Vijayawada, where I finished my rest of education. My latest academic qualification is a Masters in Computer Applications and I have a bechelores too in Computer Applications. I came to Bangalore on 1st Jan, 2004 in search of a curriculum project to fulfill my masters degree. From that day on it has been a journey towards betterment of life and family too.

I got a job with relatively very less pay in a .com company. I had to accept it for the fact I know that though the Information Technology industry in India is on its peak, the job seekers in the industry are too high to compete for. The first appraisal in the company gave me a hint of corporate politics and at that time I was naive to digest the less hike in the pay cheque in spite of hard work I had put in, so I quit my company. The disappointment is continuing through out the career till now. But now I am sort of got adjusted or evolved to it.
Ventured into my own business, part time, around 6 months back and going ahead hoping that I can steer away to this business full time.

About my family...My parents live in my home city Vijayawada. My sister's family live a couple of blocks away from my parents and I have an adorable niece and a naughty nephew. My wife and me live here in Bangalore.

Thanks For Showing Interest In My Posts