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Finished 1 Year In 1 Company

My professional career as a software engineer started arround 3 years back but it is the first time I stick myself to a company for as long as 1 full year. You must be thinking, "what the big deal in that?". Well listen to my previous record and you will know it. My previous best long stay is 7 months and this is my 4th company.

There are good things and bad things too that one can experience in this sort of hoping. Good thing is you get a pay hike fast. Bad thing is you can not hop like this for long time as the question "why are you frequently changing your employer?" will fall as the first question and will become the first reason for you not getting selected too. And some one told me that one can not jump like that as one will not be considered for higher designations in the long run.

Forget about long run...I say...if you have decided to run dont bother about the long and shorts. You just focus on winning the run. Then you may think that why I stayed in the present company for a long time. Well, there are many resons and the main is that I like the people arround. They look gentle and good. Is it the only reason? No. Another reason being that I am already getting what I aimed to get by this time and my all previous shifts were driven by the fact that I was getting very lesser than the goals which I set to myself. Having said that it is time to look back and decide on my decision of staying here as the appraisal time is arround and I should make myself ready in all the aspects.

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