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I'm Getting the Taste of Life

Wasn't I living a life before to say that I'm Getting the Taste of Life? Of course Yes, I was. But it was like the quote "they are dead at 30 and buried at 60" by Frank Lloyd Wright. Well Let us put a full stop to the "WAS" part. Let us talk about "IS". Some one said this to me and from that moment onwards I started getting the real taste of life. Till that moment I was grieving on the results which couldn't be changed and that attitude towards challenges caused lot of hindrances in the path of life and I could never see of what lies after that turn. That turn in the road ahead itself was a huge mystery.

But once I plunged into the darkness by filling my mind with a vision for life, the road after the turn is so bright and beautiful I can't even explain it. That is what I mean by real Taste of Life. This feeling can not creep in words because it is not a material thing which I am experiencing in life. After experiencing it I feel like I won the battle before it really started, it is the battle of life and it is what a lot of us fear to even think of. Once I won it, the process is all fun.

You must be wondering on what I am really talking of. I am talking of the attitude that makes me think that what ever happens is for my good.

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