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A Little About Myself

I am Born and Brought up till 13 in my native village Kotturu Thadepalli. Then for my sister's and my studies our family moved to the city Vijayawada, where I finished my rest of education. My latest academic qualification is a Masters in Computer Applications and I have a bechelores too in Computer Applications. I came to Bangalore on 1st Jan, 2004 in search of a curriculum project to fulfill my masters degree. From that day on it has been a journey towards betterment of life and family too.

I got a job with relatively very less pay in a .com company. I had to accept it for the fact I know that though the Information Technology industry in India is on its peak, the job seekers in the industry are too high to compete for. The first appraisal in the company gave me a hint of corporate politics and at that time I was naive to digest the less hike in the pay cheque in spite of hard work I had put in, so I quit my company. The disappointment is continuing through out the career till now. But now I am sort of got adjusted or evolved to it.
Ventured into my own business, part time, around 6 months back and going ahead hoping that I can steer away to this business full time.

About my family...My parents live in my home city Vijayawada. My sister's family live a couple of blocks away from my parents and I have an adorable niece and a naughty nephew. My wife and me live here in Bangalore.

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