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Malnutrition Is Causing It

May it be cough or Cold. May it be HIV-AIDS or a tumor in brain. It is said that everything related to bad health can be prevented by good food since childhood. It is becoming a major concern about what I eat everyday. More than what I eat..it is what I am getting through it is bothering me a lot.

I am hearing a lot of people saying that my grand father is stronger than me even in his 70s and considering the nutritional content in the food he had taken since childhood, I think it is true. The stonage forming using no chemical fertilizers ensured the good things from vegetables, wheat, rice etc. So providing all the things needed for the body just from the food itself. We no more have the facilities of growing crops without using chemicals. Except in few companies like nutrilite the organic forming efforts were almost burried under the soil and covered with the toxic chemicals which grow the crops artificially, killing all the nutrition that the crop is expected to bring to us. Though I heard and felt the good abuot nutrilite products, I felt like they cost me much. Ofcourse it is understandable that the good things does not come for less and thanks to them...they atleast maintain the organic forming.

I strongly feel, I got this cold a week back and still not able to get out of it because of the low resistance I got in my body and this is because of the malnutritioned food I take every day. I tried to get info about cold but I could not get good sources all at one place. So I started a blog ColdBuster.

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