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I used to think that I know everything about myself till I learned to understand the inner meanings of the words spoken to me by others. Once I got this ability I changed my self a lot. Now I smile a lot, I listen to people a lot than arguing and I read a lot. I stopped criticizing people because I understood the fact that no one is born like the way he or she is but they became like that because of the environment they grew up. So there is no point in condemning and criticizing them for others' influence on them. This thing helped me a lot and I got this from the famous book "How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie.

My attitude towards life has changed to the best and I am sure it will not just stay at the best but will grow better and better for I have taken a decision of making friends but not enemies. Am I not facing troubles for taking this decision? Yes, a lot. It hearts a lot to smile back when some one criticizes you badly. Let me tell you this...if you reply back with a criticize then the chain will go on forever and congratulations you got another person who wishes for your failure and ill-being. But if you control your emotions and smile back and get clarified of what made him or her to bring out that comment on you, then you have a fair chance of making a friend who can stand beside you forever.
We make friends. They don't born for you.

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