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Rejoice of Senses

To feel it you should feel it.

The cool breeze will pass you by more than once in your life time but you want to describe just that time's feeling when you really felt it. The fear is always there in you but you want to tell about the one which made you feel like you are dead but saved to be alive. Quite contrary feelings-sense of happyness and felling of death. When you get both at a time...which will take over which one?

Well I said to myself that I need to be alive rather than feeling the cool breeze because I felt that there may come a chance to feel the breeze again. But if I am dead, there is no chance. Though I believe in God and in heaven and hell, I felt like stay living on earth.

That is why I did not jump in the pond the last weekend when I saw beautiful fishes swimming out of the site from the bank to the middle. Yes, I felt like describing the feeling as you read it;)

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