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Another Monday

5 days week, 2 consecutive weekend holidays means 2 days of fun and quality time with family and suddenly comes Monday. I never feel like going to office on Monday. It all starts with the time I get up. On Saturday and Sunday most probably I get up at around 9'o clock and a sort gets accustomed to that time and when I need to get up a bit early on Mondays- can't openup the eyes and feel like some one stickered the eyes with the greatest gum in the world. Then comes the journey to office. To my wonder the traffic looks more dense than in all the other days of the week. I tried to analyze it a lot of times but couldn't get the reasons. Almost same number of vehicles and same number of people in the city but still on Monday it looks so crowded in all the roads and busy traffic makes it more uncomfortable to reach office when I already feel like not going to office.

Here is the best part. After going to office and looking at the faces of colleagues, now I for sure don't want to work. Most of them start with checking the mails and poor me start with scrutinizing the junk mails. I told to myself a lot of times that I don't need to look at all the subjects of junk mails before deleting them but when it comes to that moment I can't click on the empty junk folder link. There goes it again the long long scrutinizing. When I compare the number of junk mails I get to the number of mails from my buddies it tells me that there is more business happening in the world than friendship.

It is after checking the mails and hitting the keyboard for at least 10 minutes returning mails and saying "HI h r u" and "how's the weekend" stuff in chat then my mind sets to the mood of work and there I go doing what I've been doing from the last 3 years.

Hi Ravi,
Its very interesting to read you Blogs. As you have mentioned about the "Another Monday", this happens for each and every individual. It quite natural.

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