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Back to Bachelorhood

You feel the dust on floor while walking, you feel the dust mites while sleeping, you feel the change in your energy levels as you feel the change in your diet intake, you feel the irregularity in hours of staying at work place...you feel a lot more changes and that is when you are back to bachelorhood.

My wife is in my native city Vijayawada. She went there for Diwali occasion a couple days back and I am planning to start tomorrow. So for these 2 or 3 days I will be a bachelor again. No home made food, untimely eating of food etc..etc. I am getting bored and I had to kill my boredom by staying late at office. Ofcourse it is not the first time she has been to the native place. Matter of fact I started my married life as a bachelor. After I got married in Vijayawada I came back to Bangalore to resume my work at office and after 10 days she joined me and by then I took a house and got the things settled. She did go to her native a couple of times before and my lifestyle comes back to a much hated bachelor lifestyle. I know...I know...People say bachelor life is the best. May be...but right now not for me. I really miss her a lot. Often I thik it is right what people say...they say "you know your feelings for a person when that person is away from you". She once told me "nenu ekkadikina velithe thelusthundi neeku...naa meeda entha depend avuthunnavo"(in Telugu, my mother tongue)...means "you realize how much you are depending on me when I go somewhere else". Yeap, she is true.

If I counted it correct we are married since 228 days but to me it is like jus yesterday. May be it is because days went by without bringing any bother to us. There were ups and downs but "I am not a quitter" because "she is not a quitter". mmm...sounds like I went off topic...jus sharing the feelings...yes, it is alll about feelings.

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