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Going Through a Lot of Trafic

Really, I am going through a lot of trafic as my office premises was changed to a new and a bit far location. One can find the auto-rikshwas and 2-stroke bikes emitting smoke to the extent where one can not breath and kids and older people very prone to choking at some places. Even with this intense polution no one is really seems bothered. Think they all are just like me, blaming others. There was never a situation when I even tried to discuss this thing even with my fellow passenger in a bus. We all put our hands up to cover the mouth and nose when it is smokey but seldom we put our voice out to bring the smoke down. I am not sure but I heard that polution emission check is not required by rule in Bangalore. Let us hope for the best and let us take more Vitamin C as it reduces the risk of Cancer.

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