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How Tough It Is Not To Complain

Complaining as most of us do like a habit, is supposed to solve the problems. Isn't it? The more problems we have the more we tend to complain and the more we complain the more people we get to involve in our complaints. When it comes to work place we hear a whole lot of complaints ranging from "He/She is not supporting me" to "The rest room's tap is running too fast". But the common thing in almost 90% of the people complaining is that they don't bother complaining straight away to those who can really take up the duty to change the siutation. You need an example? This post is the perfect example. Why am I complaining about people who complain and why am I complaining it here in this post instead of telling the persons straight away? Is it just the human tendency or are we just scared to tell the person? May be! Can we overcome this? mmm...not sure.

I try to restrain myself from complaining and every morning say to myself "today I'm not going to complain no matter what happens." But it burns inside so much from mornnig to evening, I end up complaining and shouting at my wife for every silly thing after reaching home from office.
I heard somewhere that meditation will help suppress your emotions. May be I should do some meditation. I remember a sentence from my school text books, "Tagore, in his class room always used to watch outside of window thinking of ways to win over enemy without using weapon". The text book did say that sentence but did not bother to say whether he found the answer or not or what the answer is.

If some one has the answer please comment it :)

It was very nice inside me when I used to criticize and complain freeely but it created a lot of problems in the relationships between me and my peer. Now I can say that I was just satisfying my ego and false pride. Now I maintain a good relationship with all my friends and relatives but it is just me not feeling good inside. And yeah, the feeling of not feeling good stays in me just for a period like 1 or 2 days. It is a good gift to forget naturally what bad had happened or else it will burn your soul. There are instances of burning scars in the early days arround 2 years back when I first started to practice minding my words. Some one says something and that someone turns out to be my employer and I had to keep my lips tight. This process was new to me then but now it has become a habit. The smile on the face stays and I think the answer to Tagore's thoughts is smile. Over the time I found that a genuine smile would help you in getting out of the unwanted grudges.

So Keep Smiling :)

Complaining is a gift. Do not restrain yourself. As a matter of fact I had to create a whole wesite just for complaining alone. Go check it out, avenue-s.org/index.htm
and by complaining about something like what I have that will actually save a lot of $$$ will have all of us most especially our children benefit most. Anyway, DO NOT STOP the burning feeling and divert that to something that will bring about change. God speed.

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