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Is It All What And How I Think?

I am reading the book "Think And Grow Rich" by Napolian Hill and just finished the second chapter which tells the first principle to success. Really amazed by what books can do to you. I never believed that books can change one's perception towards life to this extent. As and when I complete reading a book or just a chapter form it, I'm feeling like a new one and something is happening to myself and this book is no exception.

The main theme of the book is "think and say to yourself what you want and your thoughts should develop a buring desire so that you must get what you want". Napolian says that definite desire with confidence, faith and positive saying to yourself will give you what you want and he says to burn the ships when you reach the shore so that you are sure that you win means if you want to succeed in a business your situation atleast your mind's situation should be like you dont have anything else to live on other than that business. He says to give persistent efforts to what you do and stresses on the continuing process of doing a thing till you succeed. He gives an example of a gold miner turned to insurance officer for that he stopped digging the mine thinking that there was no more gold and stopped the digging just 3 feet before he could reach the gold and sold off the mine for just $100.

It looks like my life is going to take turns for every book I read. For this I just have to make sure that I put the principles by Napolian in real time action. As of now I am just using them in computer gaming. I'v a game Hidden and Dangerous. It is almost 200 times that I got beaten by the enemies at a level but I am still playing the same level and I am sure one day I will successfully complete that level. Because I love winning and I know that as long as you try there is no way you fail.

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