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Being A Happy Being

The convincing meaning for the word 'happiness' is evasive and sometimes contradicting. What appears to give happiness may be either short lived (that makes us unhappy) or ends sour in the end. Some short lived pleasures, though give some feeling of comfort for a while, wouldn't stay in our mind (to save and retrieve that happiness later)!

This is because the true happiness is not fully explored or experienced. The truth is that true happiness comes out of actions directed for other's cause (with genuine,selfless motives) as compared to actions done for own sake.

The question "What makes us really happy?" lies in just undoing actions which makes us unhappy.

Complaining in life is one of the major causes of unhappiness. We all tend to complain in our day to day life - be it the social system, the Governance, the job,the boss, the colleague, the facility, the neighbor and so on...But we seldom realize that in majority of these situations we would have least or no control over them. While we should do whatever is feasible within our reach, at the same time it is illogical and unjustified to feel unhappy on such situations.

So folks, the first thing to start being happy is to stop complaining!

A cool soul guided by wisdom will reveal if the situation is really under our control or not so that we can act appropriately. Keep your cool, do your sincere best in your duty and be a happy being.

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