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Being A Human Being

We do not become human beings just by being born as human beings. It calls for a continuous process called 'transformation' - from that of a raw material to a finished (acceptable,reliable) product - I mean from a subtle body to a sensible, responsible,and 'humane' body. We should admit, in this jet age, that we seldom find time to sit isolated and conduct a qualitative measurement on ourselves - as to how much am I transformed? How good am I an acceptable or likable or preferable person? Where I am acceptable and where not, and why? and such queries...

Sure, all of these ingredients or qualities can only be housed in a 'humane' body. In order to transform into humane personality, we need to culture and train ourselves with good habits, good principles packaged with humbleness and flexibility and, do the periodic checks ie., practice of "self study". Transformation into a human being in true sense is an ongoing process.

Be humble and be humane.

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