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Change yourself

If you can’t tune out your wife or your peer or your boss who ever it may be, why not modify your behavior so you can work more harmoniously with this difficult person. This is a mature solution based on the startling epiphany that you might be partly responsible for the problem.

It sounds great, yet most of us have no idea how difficult it is to change ourselves. Others don’t believe they have to change. They’re content with themselves just the way they are. But if you’re up for the game, the process of changing yourself can be an eye-opening experience.

Start by finding out what areas need to be changed. There are three obvious information sources for advice: Yourself, family and co-workers. Let’s look at each one:

Yourself. While this is less than an objective source, it is still a good place to start. You’re bound to learn something, so get a pencil and paper and list things you’d change to improve the relationship between yourself and that person. It will be interesting whether your perception of what needs to be done jibes with everyone else’s.

Family. While spouses and close relatives may not be physically present at your jobs or at the place where you are facing the problem, they nevertheless represent a valuable information source.
Co-workers. The most objective source is coworkers. While family members are a potentially good information source, they may be unwilling to be totally candid, especially if the blame rests mostly on your shoulders. Co-workers, however, can be the best source of objective information.

Be prepared for brutal honesty. You might not like what you’re going to hear. No matter how smart and enlightened you think you are, no one likes listening to bad news.

Once you’ve gathered the information, the ball is in your court. After getting the true poop, you may decide it’s not worth it to change. It might require too much work and you may deem it an unbeatable battle. By the same token, you may learn that the situation is not half as bad as you thought it was.

Source: gantthead.com article "My Boss Is Driving Me Crazy"
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