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Fish the Joy from within

All of us, in the process of finding the joy and peace of mind (for which we live), could (many times) find sorrows or discontent.The main reason behind is the belief that peace of mind (or a piece of joy) has to be procured/obtained externally. Some joy appear short lived and some joy may turn bitter in the end.Even it appears that whatever joy that we experience is because some one or something caused it to happen. A 'delicious' dish, a 'lovely' gift, a 'sound' sleep, a 'refreshing' bath, enjoying a comedy, and such - but behind all of these adjectives,the one thing that is common is you. The dish is delicious because you like that dish (or you may be hungry. Some one else may not even stand the smell !).The gift made you happy because it is given by your loved one or a friend close to you.You enjoyed that comedy on account of your sense of humor and so it goes on to prove...

In every aspect of your experiencing the so called happiness, you are the common factor and so implies that the joy is well within us and we help it to surface at situations for the reasons best known to us! The same is true with sorrow - it is for you to decide to feel happy or otherwise in your day to day situations and not the people or situations you intercept. So, peace of mind is our own choice and mental make up.

Proven that NONE can make you feel sad, the key for joy is now in your hands - unlock that treasure within you and allow joy to prevail at all situations and spread this beautiful aroma to others!

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Tags: Positive Mental Attitude

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