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procrastination - The destroyer of your beautiful life

One big tumbling block in our path to progress is procrastination (the habit of delaying/postponing of things to do). I am sure most of us must have done this at some point of time or other in our profession, only to regret later. Invariably,we must have also realised that such deffered tasks either remained unfinsihed or finished 'too late'.

If it turns out to be a habit, procrastination can lead to other negative traits (habit of 'covering up',insincereity etc.) that are counter productive to our progress. The by-products of this habit could be stress, anxiety, disappointment,inefficiency, lack of interest ……etc.

Incidentally this does not mean that tasks should never be postponed at all. This is where our ingenuity and judgement are called for - to know what is important (and urgent) that should not be postponed, and what can be postponed within a safe and attainable time frame. We must take care to calendar all such 'consciously deffered' tasks and make sure we complete them well on time.

To lead a successful lie, get away from that habit (of procrastination) and get into the habit of doing things NOW, with the art of living in the present.

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