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Think before you sink into action

When people are pressurized with work load / responsibility, or confronted with conflicts from the other person/s, the natural tendency is to hurry to react ex-tempo. And most of the times we get set emotionally charged. Our experience show us time & again that almost all of the emotional / knee jerk reactions are error-prone and when acted upon with the others, it is bound to create hostility and defensive reactions instead of the point being understood. Such reactions may fail to meet the desired objective and end up in arguments resulting in stained relationships.

So how to unlock such deadlock situations?

We must learn the art of 'learn to learn'. Incompatibility is part of our life - let's accept it.

Accepting the own and forgiving the others mistakes/wrongs is the first key. Agree to disagree - considering genuinely that the other side also may have had its own valid point of view is the second key. Thinking before sinking into action is the other key. Only when we calm down, wisdom prevails upon and guides us to act. That will be the right (ripe) time to sit across and arrive at good,workable conclusions on a WIN-WIN note.

To calm down, change the environment that helps to regain the composure.

Reducing the 'breathing frequency' is one good way to attain composure - meaning, converting short breaths (that emotions produce in us) into longer, relaxed breaths. When you are upset/get tense over something, the first action before anything else, is to take a few long breaths. I am sure your response will be wiser than an instantaneous reaction.On an average we suppose to breath around 15 times a minute (will be very much higher when charged emotionally).This (should be,) can be, by practice,brought down to less than 10.This practice not only calms down our nervous system, but also presents us with all the wisdom to carry on with the situation positively.

Let all our actions be preceded by planned thoughts - applied with quality time. Cool mind carries us to greater thoughts and heights.'First think then act' is the secret of big achievers.

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