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Wake Up

You agree that life is getting too much mechanical, stereotyped and stressful - reasons : boom in all fields triggering hectic urbanization, a city blessed free of nature calamities (though we have man made calamities aplenty) good climate, growing urban population......! Traffic jams even beyond 10.00PM is not uncommon. There could be many reasons - one of the major reasons, I feel, is our own making - the changed lifestyle.

Since recent years, the city life is transforming into 'shorter days' and 'longer nights'. Many of us may not see the 'light of the day' throughout the weekdays! Obviously created by the loop "late to get up -> late to work -> overstay -> late to bed". Can't the golden saying 'early-to-bed-early-to-rise' be rewritten in our life? Do you think it is practicable in spite of the given scenario?

We may be inviting trouble for ourselves in the process of changing our lifestyle against the nature. A very late return to home alone could mean an open invitation to an uneducated, unemployed and underprivileged youths to 'share' the wealth that he can not afford to. We may be trying to bend the 'rules of the nature' (without foreseeing its repercussions). In the process of getting up late, we are deprived of that fresh, inspiring, rejuvenating ambience that nature promptly presents but only in the early hours of an every new day. Once missed, rest of the day can never be the same! Alas! one more day gone by and lost for ever. Why are we doing this?

Well, all living beings (so us) will need to go with the nature's cyclic occurrences, that is same anywhere in this universe - to get refreshed and face the new day 'fully prepared'. We take every care to eat good food (that we can afford), have a reasonably good accommodation, help ourselves with a reliable transportation (mostly own) and are definitely keen to lead a good, happy life, but hardly care to provide ourselves a well deserved & needed rest and that can happen best during nights, to dream of a brighter tomorrow!

Authenticated by our scripts (and proven scientifically) that early mornings are the most auspicious period to meditate (from any school of philosophy)that sharpens our thinking, our wisdom and hence our capacity to do a better planning for the day's activities. Also it is proved that most innovative & novel thoughts flow free in a tranquil mind that needs a matching atmosphere - which defaults to early mornings!!

So friends, let's wake up - wake up early in the morning and see how it changes our life for the better - Nature has set some (good) rules for good living - it is for us to go with it and reap the benefits.

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