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Say "good night" to all your worries before going to sleep

Any problem, physical or mental, if persists over a longer period, will make us feel stressful, tired and even sick. We are aware that the predicaments that life brings to us (some times our own making) are unavoidable and we must face them. Some of the worries/problems may persist over a longer period of time (days, weeks..... years). This may be normal, as majority of us may be sailing in the same boat!

But all that we need to do is not to worry about them or just live with them but learn to overcome them.

In any case, never let these problems disturb your precious resting time. This is important for your good health and a 'good morning' tomorrow.

So, while you go to bed, say 'good night' to all your problems & worries (hang them all to the ceiling fan and give them a nice spin!). Spend a few minutes in solitude, stay clam and let all your thoughts gets 'zeroed'. Once you zeroed all thoughts, you should get into sleep within half minute the head hits the pillow !! - so that you will 'dream' of a brighter, better and easier tomorrow!

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