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How To Overcome Fear

Fear is the key
This is the story of friend of mine, that happened many years ago.While he was hale and healthy in his mid twenties, developed the habit of 'acquiring' worries.One such thing was, whenever he combed hair, a few strands used to fall off. He started observing closely, started spending more time in front of the mirror.A few weeks passed.One day, a 'virus' crept into his mind - he started believing that he may get bald shortly! He was unmarried, so his continued anxiety turned into fear that, with a bald head,he may not be accepted by the girl that he may be proposed to marry. So, he got down to 'tackle' this virus and started medication. By the turn of next 2-3 years, he turned half bald! May be that this would have happened in the normal course of aging, but he made it happen pretty sooner - mainly driven by his own fear (too much of medication and lack of meditation?). Egg-head apart, he also developed acidity and ulcers. Story continues,but we stop.A good example of how worry plays havoc on our mind. Fear is the key.

Most of us have this trait in-built, though with varying degree. And many of us would have erred in our way (one day or the other?) on account of this undesirable trait!. *Continued anxiety or apprehension accumulates fear in mind.* Anxiety of things to happen in future - in career, in relationships, health, return on investment etc., etc. *Fear compels the mind to backtrack/withdraw, make them think negative. *A person with fear in mind lacks confidence and is sure to mess up/ complicate things for self and for others too.

The anti virus for this worm is the 'mental preparedness' to meet the challenges that life presents to us time to time.This preparedness comes out of a balanced mind that is controlled by intellect (wisdom)which should be present at the time of arriving at a conclusion or while tackling a situation.

Tame the mind to keep calm so that it can prompt you to act in a discriminative way. Shun unreasonable fear fear. Give a cool thinking before acting, when we face disturbing events Fearlessness is the index of a 'cool' mind.

Source: From SMO Of The Company I'm Working For

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